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This could be a long story (LOL). I will try to shorten it up a little bit…

The concept of money making money has always fascinated me. I opened my RRSP at about age 22 with $200 in change (coin) at my local BMO (With a goal to retire early someday and see if and how money really does make money!) The TFSA did not exist at that time. I am not a major risk-taker so “income” and “interest” related mutual funds scratched me where I itched. 🙂 I would add a few dollars here and there over the years; I even tried to max-out my RRSP from time to time. That was approximately 1989(ish). Skip forward to 2020!

Time flies when you’re having fun/living/working etc. Of course, there have been many ups and downs, but I’m still here: working towards an early and comfortable retirement and still loving dividends, interest and monthly income! I discuss more about monthly dividend and interest income specifics on my “monthly income blog!”

I also have a wonderful family, a pretty good education (BBA, BEd and an MBA) and a great job as a full-time faculty at a major post-secondary institution in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As “luck” would have it, I spend a lot of time teaching economics, financial planning and the CSI.ca industry exam course, Investment Funds in Canada (Mutual Funds) among other business and commerce courses. Not only do I get to educate young people about really important “financial life” subjects, but I learn something new myself, EVERYDAY!

After making some investing mistakes in my 20s and early 30s (Chasing stock tips and unsustainable ROI), it finally “hit me” once and for all – get my money working for me, instead of the other way around. The answer: (buy & hold!) dividends, dividends, dividends; interest, interest, interest! It’s like free money, it really is. Amazing.

Let's talk about mutual funds, dividends and monthly income for life!

Check my monthly income blog for awesome “building income” tips and simple investing strategies to build income for life!

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